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Price Upon Qualified Request 6,000 Acres Cordoba , Argentina Santiago del Estero

Ranch Property Brief

Amakela is a luxury and unique hunting estate located in the Guasayan mountain range, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Amakela is considered one of the “Magic safari lodges of the world” (see “Magic Safari lodges publishing”).

What makes Amakela a very special hunting estate ?
1) Amakela is currently the sole big game hunting lodge in Santiago del Estero. The other existing so called big game estates do not have existing population of animals, which breed and grow by their own. Amakela has the rare ability to combine top quality big and small game hunting the same day in the same place.
2) Amakela is the nearest luxury big game estate from Cordoba. Cordoba is the first hunting destination in Argentina for small game but lacks of big game estates. Amakela is only 3 – 4 hours car distance (300-350 km) from the best small game lodges of Cordoba (situated in the north of Cordoba), which makes it very attractive when thinking about doing big game once you are there instead of going to La Pampa or Patagonia (several hours flight + car).
3) Amakela’s lodge has been designed and built in 2008 by one of the best Spanish (european) architect for lodges and cottages (Mr Jose María Sainz) who is recognized for his ability to use local architectonic features and materials, as well as playing with the environment in order to create a unique atmosphere, adapting a luxury lodge to the surrounding nature.
4) Being crossed by Guasayan mountain range, Amakela enjoys from a higher rain level that makes its vegetation rich and special. This mountain range is the first obstacle the clouds find when coming from the East. Its rain level is 650mm/year versus an average of 500mm in Santiago del Estero).
5) Amakela height varies from 500 to 750 meters over sea level whilst the average altitude in Santiago del Estero is 220 meters over sea level. This originates a microclimate which benefits from a difference of 5 – 7 degrees Celsius versus the rest of the region. Since Santiago del Estero climate is warm, Amakela´s special location makes its climate delicious (semi tropical). During 7 months a year, hunters can enjoy the pool after an intense shooting. This cannot be done in La Pampa, Patagonia or even Cordoba which have a much colder climate.
6) Quality hunting. Amakela is one of the rare estates that can compite with New Zealand in terms of red deer quality. We have introduced the best New Zealand genetic some years ago and this is bringing fruits. We have several deer that would rank in the top ten Argentinian book. We have also introduced the best genetic for fallow deer and European muflon. As a singularity, we have hybrid muflons which are an involuntary hybridation between 4 horns ram and European muflon (new specie!).
7) Usually, hunting estates in Argentina are located in places where the quality of the ground does not allow for agriculture or cattle raising. Amakela has over 1.000 hectares potentially excellent for agricultural purposes due to the quality of its ground. This implies that the amount of food 1 hectare is able to produce is much higher than in other hunting estates and also better quality (very important to reach the excellence in the horns of the trophies). Amakela’s capacity charge for animals is around 1.200 cows (0,6 cows/hectare), which means 3,600 adult red deer (equivalence 1 cow = 3 adult red deer). This capacity charge is very unusual for a hunting estate and allows for a higher than average density of animals whilst maintaining them in ideal conditions to breed and grow.

Population of animals :
1) Red deer : 300-350 red deer out of which 40-60 trophy males, amongst which 5-6 in the top ten Argentinian.
2) Axis deer : 120-140 animals
3) Blackbuck : 130-150 animals
4) Water Buffalo : 60 – 80 animals
5) European muflon : 20-25 animals
6) Fallow deer : 50-60 animals
7) Hybrid muflon : 30-40 animals
8) Pecari : 30-40 animals
9) Broket deer : 50-70 animals
10) Cougar
11) Wild boar : 300- 350 animals
12) Four horn sheep : 20-25 animals
Since the majority of the animals listed above are ¼ to 1/5 weight of a red deer, and Amakela’s capacity is 3.600 adult red deer equivalent, we can state that Amakela is currently at 30-35% of its capacity in terms of animal charge.

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