Champagne Springs Anasazi Ruins

$960,000 160 Acres Dove Creek , Colorado Dolores County

Ranch Property Brief

Champagne Springs Anasazi Ruins offers an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone who has a passion and a love for the desert Southwest and Native American history and culture. The site is one of the largest tenth-century communities in the northern Southwest with an estimated 250 rooms and 50 kivas and is one of a very small number of large prehistoric sites that is in near pristine virtually untouched condition. A small amount of the site has been professionally excavated, documented, and reports on some of the work have been professionally published.

The current owner wishes that the archaeology and property remain intact which means all artifacts and archeological site information will transfer to the new owner. Despite the fact that only a small amount of the two main sites have been excavated, a large sample of prehistoric artifacts have been documented and curated. The owner will share all of the information with a qualified buyer and would like the site to transfer to an owner who has an interest in preserving prehistory and who may have an interest in future professionally conducted excavations. Not interested in transferring to pot hunters or those who are interested in pillaging the site for artifacts. The new owner is encouraged to consider adding a conservation easement.

For an individual who would love to own such an important part of history as well as be personally involved in the discovery of the history of the site, this opportunity is simply astounding. An owner could establish their very own museum with the artifacts that have already been uncovered with many future discoveries waiting.


Champagne Spring Anasazi Ruins is located a few miles from Dove Creek, Colorado.


Access to the ranch is provided by county road and private roads.

Water and Power

The property qualifies for a domestic well permit and power is a short distance from the property boundary.


Any minerals owned will convey. Mineral search required to verify ownership.

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