House of Vino

SOLD 11 Acres Valparaiso , Patagonia Casa Blanca Valley

Ranch Property Brief

Casa del Vino located in the Valparaíso region has a very good exhibition, having direct access to Route 68
Santiago-Valparaíso, exit to the East at 200 meters and proximity to the F-90 highway to

It is 55 minutes from Santiago, 40 minutes from the airport and 45 from Valparaíso.
It is located in the middle of Viñas like Casa Valle Viñamar, Indomita,
Emiliana and Veramonte.

Casa Blanca Valley
Nestled between the coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, Casa Blanca is known
for its refined winemaking, housing 12 vineyards which are more than 230 thousand
tourists a year, consuming on average USD 150 per person.

The Casa Blanca Valley not only draws attention for its beautiful landscape, but also for its
warm and mild climate, having average rainfall of 532mm and with average temperatures
of 14.8 degrees.

The land has direct access to Route 68, with a road front reaching a measurement of 238
meters, with a rear of 233.3 meters and the East 202 meters. Its total area is 47,600 m2.
It has as neighbors to the north, the vineyard “Las vinas”, to the south route 68, to the east
to the Emiliana de Concha y Toro Organic Vineyard and to the west to Fernando

In addition to that it has 7 dimensions of plantations in which there are Pinot Noir strain

Finally, its main attraction is the restaurant, which is located in the middle area with a
comfortable and consistent infrastructure demanded by its customers

The land consists of 4.51 hectares. The buildings total 1,580 m2. The total plantation is
2.38 hectares of Pinot Noir. Water rights are 4.55 liters per sec in an 80 meter well.

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