A topic that comes up often when looking at cattle ranch is carrying capacity. Carrying capacity is the number of animals a ranch can support and you see it expressed in different ways. Sometimes it is given as the number of cows and calves the ranch can run for a full year. When looking at ranches that have fores...Read more

The doctrine of prior appropriation has governed Colorado water law for over 125 years and has its roots dating back to early mining days. The doctrine follows the rule of first in time, first in right. Meaning the one who first appropriates/ secures water would have a senior right to any subsequent user. Water rights are directly tied to surfac...Read more

You will often hear brokers state if a fence has been in place for 18 years then that is where the property boundary is. This is a very oversimplified statement and really should not be stated as fact by a broker.    Brokers say this because of Colorado‚Äôs adve...Read more

Interestingly enough, Colorado and New Mexico are facing similar challenges to certain aspects of their water laws. Both challenges are in regards to navigable waterways.    In Colorado, a private citizen, Roger Hill, filed a lawsuit in 2018 claiming a right t...Read more

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