So there are many out there that think I am crazy for being willing to cover the amount of territory that I cover as a ranch broker and will ask me why I do it. There is a deeply ingrained desire inside me that drives me to seek out new experiences and new things. I have often thought I was born centuries too soon. Maybe its the Comanche blood i...Read more

When buying farms, ranches or land something that you must be aware of and run into frequently is easements. An easement is an irrevocable right to the use of another person’s property. Easements are often misunderstood and this misunderstanding of easements can lead to significant headaches later down the road after closing on a property.Read more

One of the first things an owner should consider when looking to sell their ranch or sporting property, is the tax consequences, as selling an asset can create a taxable event and the last thing an owner wants is to be hit with a big tax bill if it can be deferred. Therefo...Read more

As tag application season rolled around, I reached out to a buddy (who shall remain nameless) as to where he would recommend applying in CO for a sheep tag as he had more knowledge on sheep units than I - Or so I thought! He suggested S5 as it was a new unit and there were pictures of huge rams supposedly in this unit. So I put in for S60/...Read more

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