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Manzanita Ranch
Presenting the exquisite Manzanita Ranch, an unparalleled oasis nestled approximately 18 miles southeast of the bustling hub of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Priced at $1,899,000, this expansive 93-acre property is a testament to nature's splendor and exclusivity, offering a unique blend of seclusion and accessibility that few can rival. Manzanita Ranc...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Small Acreage
Tijeras, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, 93 Acres
Pintada ranch
Discover a true gem of the Southwest, the Pintada Ranch, a spread encompassing 2,453 acres of natural beauty and endless possibilities. Located approximately 10 miles southwest of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, this exceptional property with its picturesque landscapes, abundant vegetation, and versatile characteristics is available to purchase. The Pintad...
Santa Rosa, Guadalupe County, New Mexico, 2,453 Acres
ABQ Ranch
ABQ Ranch offers a rare opportunity to purchase a large acreage ranch very close to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This ranch will feel like a property that is much bigger due to the terrain as well as areas that offer thick timber. Enjoy expansive vistas from the upper elevations on the limestone rimrock or the quiet seclusion of the grassy parks and m...
Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Chilili, Bernalillo, New Mexico, 2,170 Acres
Chama River Canyon Ranch
Chama River Canyon Ranch is a captivating ranch with unexpected qualities starting the moment you drive up to the front gate. You will stand at the edge of the rimrock overlooking deep canyons with streams and waterholes shadowed by large cliff faces, aspens, cottonwoods and ponderosas. The ease of operating this cattle ranch will be immediately ev...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Cebolla, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 2,200 Acres
Mesa de las Viejas
Mesa de las Viejas offers an incredible opportunity to own a rare forest inholding. These types of properties are hard to find and rarely come on the market. Surrounded by Carson National forest sitting above the Rio Chama bordering the Chama River Canyon Wilderness the ranch offers seclusion and excellent hunting. If the fall, sit on the deck and ...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Cebolla, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 636 Acres
Los Piñones Ranch
Los Piñones Ranch lies in a highly sought after area of Northern New Mexico near Chama. The ranch has been in the same family for nearly 60 years and the family still ranches the neighboring land. Enjoy sitting on the porch watching the sun set during the summers and during the winter evenings sit and visit with company while a fire crackles in th...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Cebolla, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 565 Acres
Gomez Farm
Opportunities to purchase a property with excellent priority water rights with frontage on the Animas River close to Aztec, New Mexico don’t come along often. The Gomez Farm offers such an opportunity. With ample water for growing alfalfa, the Gomez farm can produce high-quality alfalfa hay to produce income or utilize it to feed owned livestock/...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Small Acreage, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Aztec, San Juan County, New Mexico, 24 Acres
Gloria-a-Dios Ranch in New Mexico
This 916 +/- acres in northern New Mexico between Chama and Cuba offers direct access to national forest, landowner tags, modest improvements, and highly coveted water. Gloria-a-Dios would make a great cattle or horse ranch and offers excellent recreation including hunting, hiking, and ATVing and with direct access to national forest, owners have t...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Regina, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, United States 920 Acres
Arroyo Blanco Ranch
Arroyo Blanco Ranch located in Northwestern New Mexico in Rio Arriba County near the community of Llaves consists of 1,026 acres and has historically been used a cattle ranch and dryland farm but is equally suited as a horse ranch and hunting ranch. The ranch is not improved but is fully fenced with barbed wire fencing that is in fair to good condi...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Llaves, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, United States 1,026 Acres
Sanctuary Ranch
The Sunsets and solitude offered by the Sanctuary Ranch are some of the best in northern New Mexico. The ranch is a virtual blank slate for the new owner to mold the perfect hunting retreat or ranch get-away. Bordering BLM and national forest the ranch offers excellent hunting and unlimited recreation opportunities.
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Llaves, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 537 Acres
Chupadera Ranch
Chupadera Ranch is completely surrounded by national forest which makes this ranch a very unique holding given its easy access. This setup will allow a new owner to easily set up a small cattle ranch or horse ranch. The ranch has the best set of pipe corrals in the area. The ranch sits in an area that receives little attention because it is off the...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Llaves, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 475 Acres
Secret Valley Ranch
Tucked away in its own hidden valley the ranch is complete with a large field, off-grid home, well, and ponds. The ranch is an excellent hunting property receiving elk tags and can also get mule deer tags in a trophy producing area. All improvements are in excellent condition ready for the hunting season.
Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Lindrith, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 320 Acres
Sanchez Ranch in New Mexico
Northcentral New Mexico ranch located near Angel Fire offers 350+/- acres of seclusion and privacy. Game abounds with elk, deer, bear, lion, and turkey and the property receives landowner tags. An additional 2 350 +/- acre parcels can be added with spring and pond on one. 400 + class bulls have been taken in the area and the ponds and grass meadows...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Guadalupita, Mora County, New Mexico, United States 350 Acres
Taos Enchanted Valley – Financing
Taos Enchanted Valley is an incredible opportunity to escape the stresses of our current Covid-19 atmosphere and live off-grid and yet be in the heart of recreation and New Mexico’s famed Taos Art. Build your dream retreat and enjoy inspiring sunrises over the Sangre de Cristos, Taos and the Taos Valley. The property corners BLM making it possibl...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Small Acreage
Carson, Taos, New Mexico, 388 Acres
Casa Blanca
Envision a setting in the Southwest overlooking dramatic multicolored uplifts, ridges and peaks that catch the first rays of sunlight as the sun rises over the mountains to the east as you enjoy your morning coffee while you watch elk and deer graze. That is Casa Blanca. Casa Blanca is a beautiful Spanish style home offering elegant high-end fe...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Regina, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 62.52 Acres
Little Arroyo Blanco
Little Arroyo Blanco offers 160 acres of peace and quiet to build your dream home or cabin retreat. Imagine sitting on your front porch watching the dramatic sunsets New Mexico is known for. There is an ideal building location on a knoll that overlooks the property to the west giving a commanding view over the landscape.
Small Acreage, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Llaves, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, 160 Acres

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New Mexico Ranches and Land For Sale

New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment

New Mexico offers a variety of landscapes; from beautiful desert vistas to high-elevation mountains and forests. It offers a little something for everyone. Whether your dream is to own a cattle ranch, a high-caliber hunting ranch, or just that remote recreational property to escape to.

New Mexico is also known for its Native American History and Art. Just visit one of the many shops found in Santa Fe or Taos and you will discover an abundance of talents. Northern New Mexico was home to the famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe where she called home on the Ghost Ranch outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico. Many famous artists and celebrities have been drawn to the Land of Enchantment and call it home. For example at one time Val Kilmer owned a ranch outside of Santa Fe and called it home. He has a deep love for the culture and history of New Mexico. He only sold the ranch to finance his Mark Twain project.

The history of farming and ranching in New Mexico dates back to prehistoric times when Native Americans practiced agriculture using irrigation systems. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, they introduced European farming techniques and established ranches to support their colonial economy.

During the 19th century, New Mexico became a territory of the United States, and American settlers began to move in. The settlers introduced new farming and ranching techniques, including dryland farming and the use of barbed wire for fencing. Irrigation systems were also improved, and water was diverted from rivers to irrigate crops and support livestock.

In the early 20th century, the state government began to promote agriculture by establishing agricultural experiment stations and offering financial assistance to farmers. This led to the development of new crops, such as chile peppers and pecans, and the expansion of livestock production.

During the mid-20th century, New Mexico’s agriculture industry faced challenges due to drought, competition from other states, and changing market conditions. However, farmers and ranchers adapted by diversifying their operations and adopting new technologies.

Today, New Mexico’s agriculture industry is an important part of the state’s economy. The state is a major producer of chile peppers, pecans, onions, and dairy products, among other crops. Ranching is also an important industry, with cattle, sheep, and goats raised for meat, wool, and dairy products.

New Mexico Ranches, Farms, and Recreational Property

New Mexico offers a wide variety of farms, ranches, and land. In Northeastern New Mexico, ranches tend to have rolling wide-open prairie of the Great Plains and as you move south on the eastern edge of New Mexico you travel into the western portion of the Llano Estacado. There are numerous mountain ranges that cross New Mexico including the Sangre de Cristos, San Juans, Guadalupes, Capitans, Florida Mountains, Mogollon Mountains, and Mimbres Mountains to name just a few.

Ranches can be found in higher more lush regions in the northern mountain ranges in north central New Mexico. There are also very large ranches in the more arid regions to the northwest and southern portions of New Mexico.

New Mexico is also home to some great farms and is well known for its excellent quality alfalfa hay and most of all for its famous Hatch Green Chile. There are also orchards including peach, apricot, and cherry orchards.

Things to Consider When Evaluating New Mexico Ranches for Sale

While most people rely on a real estate agent to find the perfect piece of land for sale, there are certain things buyers should consider when evaluating a New Mexico ranch for sale. These elements include property location, build-out capability, zoning, permitting, utilities, and roads. These factors are discussed in detail in the sections below.

Before talking to a seller or starting the search for ranches for sale in New Mexico, the buyer should determine their priorities as far as location is concerned. Is budget a primary consideration, or is it the quality of local schools that matters when deciding on which property to buy? These are just some of the questions buyers should answer during the evaluation process, as they help in decision-making.

Build-Out Capability
While any piece of land in NM may seem suitable, it is important for the buyer of a ranch or farm to determine how much of the parcel can be built upon. Does that part of the land meet the needs of the home the buyer plans to build? Soil conditions and topography are important issues, as poor soil quality can affect construction cost.

When looking at New Mexico hunting ranches for sale, the buyer should talk with their real estate agent and the local zoning board about the factors to be considered before construction starts. Environmental factors may limit where structures can be placed on the land, and future development could raise or lower property values. While a buyer can’t predict the future, with a little research they can make an informed decision when deciding on what land to purchase in NM.

Permitting Issues
It is important for the buyer to learn which types of permits will be needed when building on New Mexico cattle or hunting ranches. Some areas have limited permitting requirements, and others are stricter. Talk to the nearest building department to find out what’s needed.

Utilities and Roads
Before buying land for sale in New Mexico, the buyer should determine which utilities have been added to the property. Most undeveloped land has few or no utilities, and the buyer bears the cost of bringing them onto the property. Contact local utility companies to determine the cost of the project. In rural areas, especially hunting land, city water is not available, and the buyer will have to install a well and a septic system. Owners of undeveloped land may need to build a private driveway or road from the nearest public thoroughfare, and they should find out whether there’s an easement that allows easy access to the property.

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