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Hacienda Quitralco
Hacienda Quitralco is located in the Patagonia region in the Quitralco Fjord. There are large stretches of native forest, over 16km of coastline, and over 20km of river frontage all with 3 hot springs and waterfalls lying within the Mallin River Valley. There are also large open plains and hills rising to 750 meters above sea level. The proper...
Puerto Aysen, Aysen Region, Patagonia, Chile 15,246 Acres
Yelcho Lake Ranch
The ranch is located on Lake Yelcho in the heart of Chilean Patagonia.  The ranch is surrounded by wild rivers, waterfalls, national and private parks, fiords, ice-capped mountains, and many other natural wonders.  The lake receives the Futaleufu river which is very well-known as a paradise for kayaking and rafting. Yelcho lake and the su...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Puerto Cardenas, Patagonia, , Chile 450 Acres
12 Acres of Land in Chile
Almost 5ha of land located in the seventh region, Region del Maule, Chile with a beautiful view of the valley and mountains. The land is a mixture of soft slopes and plain terrain, the latter being the majority of the land. All roads and paths that are used as access to the land are in good condition. Water is provided by wells in t...
, , , Chile 12 Acres
Ranch on Futaleufu
Exceptional ranch property located on the banks of the Futaleufu River which is known for breathtaking landscapes with phenomenal fishing and rafting.
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Futaleufu, , de Los Lagos, Chile 254 Acres
San Jose de Maipo Farm
This incredible property of 155 hectares located in San Jose de Maipo, has more than 2.3 kilometers of river, wonderful forest of native trees and numerous trekking routes through the property among other things. The sector is considered an area of high tourist value due to its proximity to the ski center “Lagunillas”, the “El Yeso” rese...
Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
San Jose de Maipo, , Metropolitana, Chile 383 Acres
Cape Froward
Cape Froward is an astounding 235,500 acres of beauty in Patagonia, Chile. Cape Froward views encompass the entire southern part of the Strait and the Darwin Mountains, the Magdelena Channel and all the islands to the south in the Drake Sea. The property has about 27 miles of coastline. The abundance of flora and fauna makes Cape Froward an incr...
Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
, Patagonia, Chile, 235,500 Acres
Casablanca Vineyard
Casablanca Vineyard is 40 hectares located in the Casablanca Valley just 45 minutes from Santiago, Chile, and 45 minutes from Valparaiso, Chile. Casablanca has close proximity and easy access to award-winning vineyards and excellent restaurants all located in Casablanca Valley. It provides the perfect setting for family vacations, exclusive retreat...
Production Ranches - livestock & farming
Casablanca , Chile, Valparaíso Province, Chile 98 Acres
Lake Yelcho
Lake Yelcho is a gorgeous glacial lake comprised of 520 hectares (1.285 acres) and it is located at the northern access to the lake. It has over 2 km (1.24 miles) of Route 7 frontage, which travels through the middle of the property. It has approximately 3.7 km (2.30 miles) of Lake Yelcho’s shore and 3.1 km (1.93 miles) of Frío River frontage. T...
Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
, , Patagonia, Chile 1,285 Acres
Douglas Tompkins’ Fundo Las Rosas
You might be familiar with the name Douglas Tompkins due to his philanthropy efforts. However if not, you most certainly are familiar with the name of the outdoor clothing and equipment brand he founded; The North Face. Douglas Tompkins purchased Fundo Las Rosa (The Rose Farm) in 2008 and began a complete restoration...
Production Ranches - livestock & farming
El Amarillo, Patagonia, Chile, 516.00 Acres
El Cercon Hunting Lodge & Resort
Located in the Andes foothills of the La Araucania Region of Chile, El Cercon provides the opportunity to own a very private luxury destination lodge and resort offering a multitude of opportunities from recreation to hunting and fishing. El Ceron has been featured on Mathews Territories Wild. The property consists of 1,054 hectares of which 400 he...
Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
La Araucania, Patagonia, Chile, 2,582 Acres
House of Vino
Casa del Vino located in the Valparaíso region has a very good exhibition, having direct access to Route 68 Santiago-Valparaíso, exit to the East at 200 meters and proximity to the F-90 highway to Algarrobo. Nestled between the coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, Casa Blanca is known for its refined winemaking, housing 12 vineyards w...
Production Ranches - livestock & farming, Small Acreage
Valparaiso, Casa Blanca Valley, Patagonia, Chile 11 Acres
Puerto Canelo

Puerto Canelo is located in Chile in the Patagonia region on Lago Todos los Santos also known as Emerald Lake. The lake is located in Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park and the property sitting on 16 lakefront acres offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains and volcanoes. Well improved with home, guest cabins, care...

Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Petrohué Embarcadero, , Patagonia, Chile 14 Acres
Roosevelt Lake Retreat

The property is located in the Patagonia of Aysén, of the XI Region, within a framework of indescribable beauty and tranquility, especially for those who wish to enjoy the solitude and spectacle of the evergreen forests. Along its western limit, it is continuously bordered about 2.4 km from the edge of Lake Roosevelt, ...

Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Aysen, Patagonia, Chile, 1,428.00 Acres
La Candonga
La Candonga is a unique property located in the incredible Avellano Valley. It has more than 11 kilometers of rivers, a lagoon and incredible centuries-old Lenga forests. The sector is considered an area of ​​high tourist value due to its proximity to the well-known “Cuernos del Avellano” that attract experienced tourists to visit i...
Horse and Equestrian Ranches, Sporting, Fishing, & Hunting Ranches
Villa Cerro Castillo, Aysen, Patagonia, Chile 3,145 Acres

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Properties and Ranches For Sale in Chile

Given the wide range of climate, geography, and geology, Chile is able to support a varied array of agricultural properties. Chile is known for raising many crops on Chilean farms including:

  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Peaches
  • Asparugus
  • Garlic

In addition, ranches in Chile raise beef and sheep.
Having the opposite seasons as the northern hemisphere offers market advantages for farms and ranches in chile that are exporting their goods.

Chile is home to some astounding parks and conservation preserves. It is no surprise that Chile has a healthy tourism industry as well. It is popular for trekking and camping as well as some of the best trout fishing in the world can be found in Chile. Some popular destination in Chile are:

  • Torres Del Paine National Park
  • Valle de la Luna and the Atacama Desert
  • Easter Island & Rapa Nui National Park

In the central valley of Chile, there are ideal farming conditions including favorable climate for numerous agriculture products including different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

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