Yelcho Lake Ranch

$6,500,000 Request Current Price 450 Acres Puerto Cardenas , Patagonia

Ranch Property Brief

The ranch is located in Lake Yelcho in the heart of Chilean Patagonia.  The ranch is surrounded by wild rivers, waterfalls, national and private parks, fiords, ice-capped mountains, and many other natural wonders.  The lake receives the Futaleufu river which is very well known as a paradise for kayaking and rafting (ranked top 10 in the world Los 10 mejores ríos del mundo para hacer rafting – Federación Internacional de Rafting ( Yelcho lake and the surrounding rivers are great for fly fishing (8 Great International Destinations for Fly Fishing ( Also, Yelcho River is born from the lake which leads into the Pacific Ocean. Another big attraction is the Corcovado Volcano (see pictures)…. There are endless natural wonders in this part of the world to describe…


  • Area: 450 Acres
  • Lake bank: 1.25 miles
  • Accessibility: By national paved road 
  • The ranch offer many potential uses:
    • Conservation project
    • Tourism project
    • Private use
    • Investment: this location is very demanded by local and international customers.

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