Roosevelt Lake Retreat

SOLD 1,428.00 Acres Aysen , Chile Patagonia

Ranch Property Brief

The property is located in the Patagonia of Aysén, of the XI Region, within a framework of indescribable beauty and tranquility, especially for those who wish to enjoy the solitude and spectacle of the evergreen forests. Along its western limit, it is continuously bordered about 2.4 km from the edge of Lake Roosevelt, a body of about 7.5 km long, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls and eternal snow.


If you have an adventurous spirit, you can access through the northeast side of Lake Roosevelt, after a trip from Coyhaique or Puerto Aysén for 85 km of paved road, then travel approximately 10 km of gravel road, after which you must opt by one of two scenic routes. One on horseback through trails (approx 6 hours); and another by boat on the Picacho river and then on horseback (2- 3 hours) or on foot (4 hours), to get to the beginning of the property on its north eave colliding with the lake.


The road for motorized vehicles that begins in the city of Pto. Aysén is currently under construction and after about 20 km it will culminate in the southern elbow of Lake Roosevelt, from which the property can be accessed on any type of boat. to navigate for about 4 km.


The property maintains a natural state of conservation with little human intervention over time, so hopefully on your trip you will meet some mountain settler or hermit who has chosen to stay in these pristine places, surrounded by virgin rain forest and mountains so solitary and remote that they have only heard the sound of the wind.


The property maintains an untapped potential of forests and waters. It offers unparalleled places for fishing (proof of this is the existence of fishing tourism in the area), photography, and for Trekking a hiking trail of several hours oriented from north to south of the lake.


As for the fauna, you can count on foxes, pumas, wild boars, pudus and other lesser species and it is common to see birds such as the hummingbird, kingfisher, condor, chucao, tagua and woodpecker. The most common hydro biological species are brown trout and rainbow trout in smaller quantities, as well as amphibians and small reptiles.


The flora is typical of the Valdivian jungle, large trees of precious hardwoods, such as Coigüe, Tepa, Canelo and Arrayán, there is also an abundance of coligue and lesser shrubs.


  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Trekking
  • Hunting

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