La Candonga

SOLD 3,145 Acres Villa Cerro Castillo , Patagonia Aysen

Ranch Property Brief

La Candonga is a unique property located in the incredible Avellano Valley. It has more than 11 kilometers of rivers, a lagoon and incredible centuries-old Lenga forests.

The sector is considered an area of ​​high tourist value due to its proximity to the well-known “Cuernos del Avellano” that attract experienced tourists to visit its surroundings. To access the property, you must go through the Horquetas Valley and the El Alto stream, up to the south side of the property. Being the last 14 km of limited and difficult traffic road in the rainy season, being more accessible in the dry period.

In turn, the high conservation potential is another of the important characteristics of the property.

In October 2021, a project is announced that seeks to convert Torres del Avellano as a National Protected Property, which makes this property a unique place to conserve Patagonia due to its proximity to this new National Protected Property.

The property has:

⦁ 1,273 hectares.
⦁ 11 km of river.
⦁ 15 km of inland roads for 4×4 vehicles.
⦁ Waterfalls
⦁ Lagoons

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