Since June the real estate market in both Colorado and New Mexico has seen a shift towards a more normal market although with a more constricted inventory. During 2021 and into the early part of 2022 buyers were snatching up the farm and ranch inventory and new listings coming to market were not keeping pace thereby driving market prices higher ...Read more

The State of Colorado lawmakers have proposed a bill to strengthen their position in water lawsuits. This was prompted by a court loss to Farmers and Ranchers in a 2009 water dispute where farmers and ranchers argued that the stat...Read more

Early on when ranching in the west was in its infancy there wasn't much known about domestic livestock, wildlife, and disease. The result was catastrophic to some wildlife populations. As ranchers moved west so did domestic sheep ranches. Little did they know that their sheep carried diseases including a pathogen, mycoplasma ovipneumonia, tha...Read more

We often get asked about landowner tags when working with buyers who want to buy a ranch for hunting. In Colorado, in order to apply for Landowner Preference Program (LPP) the property must be at least 160 acres. This program was created to provide an opportunity for landowners to have a preference to draw tags and incentivize private landholder...Read more

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