You will often hear brokers state if a fence has been in place for 18 years then that is where the property boundary is. This is a very oversimplified statement and really should not be stated as fact by a broker.    Brokers say this because of Colorado‚Äôs adve...Read more

Interestingly enough, Colorado and New Mexico are facing similar challenges to certain aspects of their water laws. Both challenges are in regards to navigable waterways.    In Colorado, a private citizen, Roger Hill, filed a lawsuit in 2018 claiming a right t...Read more

On a recent Colorado Mule Deer hunt, I was reminded of a great late winter and early spring activity that is a great way to spend time outdoors as well as a great way to spend time with family. During my hunt, I covered a lot of country, both on foot and with optics. While hunting several ridgelines and canyons I happened upon a really nice 6X e...Read more

Conservation easements convey a legal interest in land where a landowner gifts or sells rights to a qualified entity such as a land trust. The landowner retains full ownership with restrictions on activities that they can engage in on the property. The landowner and the land trust negotiate the restrictions and limitations that will be placed on...Read more

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